Friends of the Teacha

check out these bands:
Ferdinand (R.I.P.)
sparkle*jets u.k.
Patria Jacobs
the Lawnmowers
Alice Bag
the Fire Ants
Pistol Whipped
Motorcycle Black Madonnas
All or Nothing H.C.
Red Tape
Pansy Division
Rosemary's Billygoat
Desperation Squad
Spooky Pie
Pistols at Dawn (formerly the Morning After)
Insect Surfers
Zoey's Trip
They Walk in Line
Moris Tepper
Texas Terri
Stalingrad Symphony
400 Blows
Doom Kounty Electric Chair
Drain Bramaged

handy info & fun stuff:
Mr. Hollywood On-line
Insurgent Arts of Paul Imagine
Big Dead Place
The Wright Stuff (Highwire Daze)
Satellite Park Studios
Lazy Skin Media
Atrophy Pop
3GT's MySpace page

groovy record labels:
On the Rag Records & Zine
Pinch Hit Records
Box-O-Plenty Records
Firetone Records
Sympathy for the Record Industry
Bomp Records
Persuasion Records

places to go:
Mr. T's Bowl
51 Buckingham
Chain Reaction
the Blank Club
Taix Lounge

I love my Bonsai Kitten!

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